Welcome to my mecha blog, here I will talk about the anime genre i love the most; mecha anime.

My favorite mecha anime is Mobile Suit Gundam but i also have a huge love for super robots such as Getter Robo and Daitarn 3. I will gladly accept any request for a post related to anything robot be it super or real robot ill be more than glad to post it.

I also LOVE the super robot wars universe so any questions or request on anything super robot wars related please be welcomed to fan boy about it with me.

Okay so I enjoy the four legged ones a lot, but watching the ac move with them is hella creepy.
Trying to find the artist for this one, if anyone knows lemme know :x



I’ll fight anyone who says Kamille is a shit character.


Kamille in my opinion is the only character that can par on Amuro with awesomeness. Judau, errrr I personally don’t like him.

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Mobile Suit Gundam - Haro