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I CAN’T wait to see this!!

So I finally decided to  watch the Zeta Gundam: A New Translation OVA and well I got some mixed feeling about it. In the first OVA I liked how they took some of the slow start up of the original anime and mixed all the space battles to practically one and they nailed it for me. Kinda random how Lila Milla dies somewhat differently that in the anime and Jerid and Kamille never have their duel on the moon. But It didn’t feel out of place at all at first. 

From the second OVA titled “Lovers” and onward is when I started to get mixed feelings. The Dakar speech is non-existent and the battle of Kilimanjaro is jumped completely. The last OVA, titled “Love is the Pulse of the Stars”, was simply centered completely on the final Gryps conflict. No Gates Capa, no Psyco Gundam MK-2 battle and the ending is swapped of a very very happy one; when compared to the original ending that is. This ending would completely void the events of Mobile Suit ZZ Gundam.

The new animation was awesome but why randomly jump from the old animation, which I still love btw, to the new one? Like it feels really really awkward. For example, there is a scene where Char and Haman are pointing guns at each other and when the camera shows Haman is old animation and when it shows Char is Unicorn like quality animation.

I liked it as an OVA and I like to think about it as a alternate universe , but is it better than the original anime? Well, to me, its not. What are your opinions of this OVA?

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